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These aren't fruit rollups kids! [entries|friends|calendar]
Paper or Plastic?

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*6 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

Have you jizz juiced today? [07 Feb 2010|08:37pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm going to start writing in here again.

I'm also going to write a book on my experiences at Waffle House. It's going to be pretty incredible. Maybe I'll include some excerpts from it once it's actually rolling and edited to my liking. Right now it's a buncha jibba jabba.

I'm growing exhausted with living my life in the fast lane. I'm going to start taking some of the long roads. I need that extra time to think anyways.

Still not ready to talk to my sister. Something's holding me back from getting close to her. I'm so hurt because when I actually needed her, she pulls a stunt like she did. I just hope she really has changed and she's on the right track to getting Hannah back. I'm tired of being the glue that holds my dysfunctional family apart.

P.S. I betcha can't guess what's in my lunch pail!!!

*6 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

THIS SHIT IS RAWWWWW! [06 Jan 2009|03:52am]
[ mood | tired ]

My nose is bleeding. But don't feel too bad for me because I picked it. So that's why it's bleeding. And blood tastes like metal.

Something really really really really really awful happened a few days ago that I am trying to cope with/repress memories. That could be why it's almost 4 in the morning on a Monday and I'm drunk off my ass.

P.S. I just found out about an hour ago that my electricity will be shut off in a few days unless I pay the $105 bill. How AWFUL. Who would have thought that if you don't pay your bills, you would be left in the dark?!

Also I'm selling almost all of my belongings to pay for rent/probation costs/school/a new car before my 1994 Crown Victoria dies. Damn!

Hanging by a limb man! If you are here for me, can I get an AMEN? I have given up on just about everyone. Give me some faith.

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

I'm nauseous. I'm nauseous. I'm nauseous. [28 Dec 2008|08:56am]
[ mood | tired ]

Anyone who watched Rocko's Modern Life knows where my "Subject" came from. That's honestly how I feel right now. And on top of it, I can't sleep.

Atal, Max, and I painted my new room and I moved all of my belongings and furniture about 20 feet over to my new room. It IS SO FUCKING KILLER! This room is way better hands down. I am really excited about it.

Stayed up all night taking pictures to sell all my stuff in order to pay for court fines. That's fine and dandy, but I still REALLY REALLY need a job.

I think it's a bit tacky when a friend you haven't talked to in a good year or so texts you on Christmas to ask if you know where to get bud. No Merry Christmas as a greeting. No hey how's it going. Not shit...just "hey find me weed"...on Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas. How did everyone's go? I asked for a new car, with the hope that I'd at least get a bike. I got neither but that's ok. I just had fun with the family and was glad my niece got to open tons and tons of presents.

I'm really really beginning to doubt whether or not I'll be able to pay rent, pay court fines, pay for school, and be able to eat. And god only knows what I will do if something else goes wrong with my car.

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! [23 Dec 2008|05:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I finally have water.

It is so cold in my apartment, that the thermostat doesn't even go that low. It maxes out at 50 degrees. I still need a bigger heater but at least I'm making progress.

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

Dear Landlord Harper Peacock: [23 Dec 2008|01:45pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Please get your lazy, rich, snobby little ass over here so you can fix the leak under my kitchen sink.

Ya'know...the one I've called you about THREE TIMES? The same leak that ruined EVERYTHING under the sink? The same leak that soaked my socks every time I used the faucet?

The water company won't turn my water on until you come FIX IT. They left a note on my door yesterday stating this! I haven't had water in a week and a half and I'm tired of going to the neighbor's (or walking to the gas station) to brush my teeth, wash my face, shower, and use the toilet.

It's bad enough that the heat is broken and it's about 30 degrees in here at all times, but I'm not complaining about that! JUST FIX MY DAMN LEAK SO I CAN GET MY WATER TURNED ON!

Lord, give me patience! And maybe a larger and more efficient heater.

*4 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

On a loop [21 Dec 2008|11:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Does anyone know what the hell ever happened to MacGyver? They don't even play reruns of that show and it is way better than some of the crap they play on TV. Less Informercials, more MacGyver!

I've been having an EXTREMELY hard time sleeping lately. I am exhausted but the sleep won't come!

I miss having close girl friends. Kate, Vickie, and Caitlin are in Nashville. Kelley is in Chattanooga. I'm broke until I find a job so I can't go to either of those places. Don't get me wrong! My neighbors are awesome. They're like my brothers and they are fun to hang with. Just miss shooting the shit with mis amigas.

Leaving on a positive note: HOME ALONE FOR TWO WEEKS! No roommate! I feel like re-enacting the Tom Cruise scene in "Risky Business" where he is clad only in a pair of socks, sunglasses, and some white briefs...
Except I don't wear tightie whities. I don't have hardwood floors. And I don't like Tom Cruise either.

*2 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

[21 Dec 2008|07:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

In August (exactly two days after I totalled my SUV,) I was on my way to renew the tags to my sweet 1994 Crown Victoria my dad was letting me borrow. I just HAPPENED to get pulled over by a K-9 unit about 10 minutes away from my destination. Well I just happened to have a microscopic dusting of that one plant that is illegal (I'm talking a half of a bowl!) and my pipe. The po-liceman asked to search my car which I declined. Long story short, he got out his pup and found my treasures.

My case was settled on Wednesday. I now owe the Franklin Court House 1,644 dollars in the next six months at a rate of $258 a month. My rent is only 167.50 a month! That is just INSANE. The cherry on top is that if i mess up any of my probation sentence, I go to jail for a little under two years.

What REALLY kills me is that while I was in court, there were some third, fourth, fifth-time offenders from the prison that received slaps on the wrist for more serious substances like cocaine. I'm a broke-ass student who is faced with whether to continue my college education, or work full time to pay rent and court fees. Or try to balance working full time AND not aving to compromise school.

Either way...its a PLANT for Christ's sake! A plant that you smoke like TOBACCO except with proven medicinal purposes for some illnesses. It is an anxiety reliever and it makes music sound better, food taste better, and undisturbed sleep possible. Why are drugs not classified as chemically modified substances?

If this country prides itself on democracy then I think we should take a vote. Now if only someone would stand up and push the issue...

*5 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

I dunno? [11 Nov 2007|06:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Everything's starting to come together.

I'm glad I have had time to work on some stuff. And while I still have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me sometimes, it is getting easier every day.

My niece is still the love of my life. I am back working at the Waffle House and currently have a kickass schedule. My mom moved out of our house and the divorce will be finalized before this year is over. School is kicking me in the ass but I have learned to embrace my education instead of fighting it and I'm enjoying school A WHOLE lot more. Only about a month left at MTSU.

I should update this more. Some pretty interesting stuff is going on right now. Yeah! But I'll do it later.

*3 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

I'm not dead yet. [23 Apr 2007|01:29pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Lola's chewing up my fucking Valentine's day gift because she is a bitch and I don't even want to do anything about it because I'd rather her chew that than any of my limbs.

I feel like I should do something today. I've felt like this for 3 weeks but alas I haven't done shit since I got fired from Waffle House. Maybe I should look for a new job? Prepare my car so I can sell it because it's about to blow up? Sign up for college classes this summer? Clean the house? Walk the dog?

Or just roll over and play dead.

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

AHHHHHH!!! [26 Jul 2006|12:53am]
Sometimes I just wish my mom would take the time to just


and just love me.

*6 Want Mohawks Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

Shout it from the ROOFTOPS!!! [24 Jul 2006|01:44pm]
[ mood | content ]

Just a few notes. I think it's relatively important.

Don't bitch about the situation of this county, state, or country if you don't fucking VOTE. FUCK YOU. If you're not even REGISTERED to vote and you're bitching, fuck you with something hard and sandpapery. Seriously, shut the hell up.

Don't bitch about things in general if you aren't making any notion of fixing the things you're bitching about. For example: Fat people complaining they are fat as they sit on the couch and do nothing (while eating potato chips of course). People with sucky jobs who make no effort to find another job.


Finished up college orientation. Scared to death of going to MTSU. Excited too. But more scared.

I want to go to the park. This wasn't supposed to be a complain fest but it turned out that way. BOO!

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

Fatty Fatty Two-By-Four... [21 Jun 2006|03:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]

...Can't fit through the bedroom door.

I need to find new, better, more interesting things to do on my days off. Because this just isn't cutting it.

I've got nothing!

*1 Want Mohawk Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

A glimpse into the future! [24 May 2006|08:02pm]
If my newfound freedom and my new life as a high school graduate is going to simply consist of panty shopping, lime tostitos, and sleep headaches, I don't want any part of it.

I don't want to be here but I don't have the motivation to go anywhere else.


*1 Want Mohawk Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

Sup? [29 Apr 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Sup Ben?
Sup Courtney?

Sup any other creepy motherfucker who reads this journal?

*Mom Won't Let Me Get One*

I am a bridge troll. We are the bridge trollz! [16 Apr 2006|11:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Work. Work. Worked. Made about 89 dollars. It was nice.

Went to Pinkerton Park and played on the train tracks even though it terrifies me. The police were biking around the trails. Two of them! I think they were looking for bodies in the drains.

Wrote our initials under a bridge with watercolors. Also wrote to call Little Peen for a good time. HAHAHAH! Also pretended we were trolls under that bridge. Whenever people would walk above us we'd make noises and yell whatever seemed right at the time. It was both hilarious and very fun.

Left Pinkerton to go to Centennial. Bought 2 gatorades (one for me and one for Jenna), a HUGE bag of popcorn, and a Cosmopolitan to read. Played in a ship and fed popcorn to ducks in Centennial Park. Even though those spoiled bitches didn't eat ONE bite of it. Oh and I fell in a hole and almost died.

Talked to a homeless man. He showed us his sketch book. He "wasn't a day over 50...and still looked DAMN good!" He also reeked of alcohol and wasted youth. He was nice nonetheless. Me and Jenna gave him the rest of our popcorn and continued on our journey.

Picked some flowers then drove home. Now I'm here. And exhausted so BYEEEE! Today was amazing.

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